Lisa is the owner of Lisa Wolfe and Associates, having set the clinic and foundation up with the core aim of supporting people suffering from mental health problems, researching the causes and treatments for PTSD and lobbying Government for investment and action.

Lisa left school aged 16. By age 17 she had enlisted in the RAF. Here she served overseas on numerous operational tours in support of specialist teams before she ‘retired’ in 2003.

Lisa holds a degree in Psychology, diplomas in Clinical Aromatherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a HPD in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She also has qualifications in Coaching, Leadership and Mindfulness.

With first-hand experience of the challenges and life-long implications of PTSD on veterans, their families and civilians, Lisa is dedicated to implementing changes to how victims of PTSD are supported. Her aim is to give them and their families the hope and reality of a positive future.

Lisa’s no-nonsense and straightforward but gentle approach helps her clients achieve what they want and more. Outside of her clinical appointments with clients she provides training, speaks at events and is committed to getting a fair deal for sufferers of PTSD.