PTSD and other mental health issues aren’t just a by-product of military service. It can affect anyone who has suffered significant distress, trauma or adversity. At LWA we are researching the condition in armed forces personnel, emergency services, midwives and the LGBT community.

We are offering free consultations and treatments for people from these groups in order to further our research and help us highlight the importance of hypnosis in treating PTSD.

We want to place the use of clinical hypnosis alongside existing treatment options for PTSD to the forefront of decision makers’ minds. We want to use our research to build evidence to lobby Government and NHS and social care decision makers; to prove the efficacy of clinical hypnosis in the treatment of PTSD; to invest money into services to help sufferers and their families.

At LWA we have a 10-step programme of solution focused therapy, incorporating clinical hypnosis, for sufferers of PTSD in 4 key areas:

  • Military personnel (serving, reserve and ex-service)
  • Emergency Services
  • Midwives
  • LGBT community
  • Teenagers


We are offering free hypnosis treatments to sufferers of PTSD in these groups so we can build case studies to highlight the efficacy and importance of our work. Studies have shown that these five groups in particular are susceptible to PTSD and are often very slow to seek help for whatever reason.


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