The Purple Octopus Project CIC offers resilience, relaxation, mindfulness and well-being workshops and classes to local schools and youth organisations in the Kent area

We are able to offer classes and workshops providing support and knowledge to a wide community of children, including those who are deemed to be disengaged, disadvantaged and/or vulnerable.

Research already available in the public domain suggests that children who are given the opportunity to learn mindfulness respond much more positively to any adversity they face.

The project creates wider engagement with children and young people, using practical resources and a toolkit to build their resilience and mental health well-being.

This ensures that these young people are well supported in their journey, promoting the importance of resilience, and providing early support to prevent problems getting worse.

We are able to offer friendly and fun sessions for all participants, in a warm and welcoming environment, either on-site in their own school, in a local, appropriate venue or in our comfortable workshop space.

By offering  sessions to children and teenagers, and on-going support and advice, not just to those directly involved, but parents and carers too, we will be able to ensure that the children and young people are given the absolute best opportunity, with as many resources as possible, to help prevent the onset of mental illness, stress, anxiety and depression.

We have built excellent relationships with local schools, youth organisations and local dignitaries to create a robust and far reaching community.

The short-term business goal is to deliver a sustainable project to selected schools to begin with, focusing on more vulnerable groups, expanding our reach further in the next year.

Our project will minimise any negative impact on emotional and mental health.

“We specialise in supporting children and young people understand how the brain works, making neuroscience fun. Learning how our brains work and how this can impact on our thoughts, feelings and behaviour really does help to improve our social, emotional and mental well-being. There’s oodles of research to back up the efficacy of mindfulness, relaxation and neuroscience too. Children and young people working with the Purple Octopus Project create their own tool kit of resources for life, helping them become healthy, happy and resilient adults.” Lisa Wolfe

In summary, we Enable, Empower and Educate 

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