Lisa Wolfe and Associates are specialists in clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness and psychology.
We are experts in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in particular, its impact on professionals in specific fields such as the armed forces, emergency services and midwives, and also on the LGBTQ community.
Our team are veterans or serving members of the armed forces, with operational and overseas service experience. We understand the culture, mindset and language used, which we find dramatically reduces the initial barriers experienced by clients accessing services.
A lack of awareness around PTSD and the best treatment options available puts pressure on the NHS and social services. We hope that the research we are doing will help us influence Government, the NHS and Social Service providers in their financial decision making.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a term used to describe a combination of debilitating symptoms experienced by someone who has suffered significant distress, trauma or adversity. PTSD is NOT just a military illness. Whether you’ve received a clinical diagnosis of PTSD or not, the actual feelings, thoughts and symptoms are the same. We can offer relief to the sufferer, their families and friends. With the right treatment, together with help and support, a full recovery is absolutely possible. There is a way forward, and there is hope.
We are passionate about the mental wellbeing of people from all walks of life, so, alongside our clinical practice and research, we run educational programmes for businesses, schools and other organisations to promote mental health awareness and educate people in their mental wellbeing, with particular emphasis on veteran’s mental health.
You can contact us on 07402 868 658.