If you were to ask the man on the street who he thinks suffers from PTSD, he’d say: “Veterans”. It’s the obvious answer. They have seen and done so much when they’ve been on tours of duty.  But what they don’t do is ask for help. It’s just not done because it is viewed, wrongly, as weak. Even if sufferers do seek help, they don’t always get the right sort. Doctors will prescribe pills, they’ll advise counselling. But soldiers don’t want to go to a counsellor offering what’s perceived as too positive – with someone focusing on what makes them happy. They want to see someone who understands what they have been through. Someone who accepts the harsh and raw realities of what they have seen and done, who doesn’t really care about a few swear words and hardness perhaps.

We understand the mindset and culture of the Armed Forces. Our specialists have served in the military. They have suffered PTSD. They understand the needs of their clients from this area. You will be treated how you want to be treated and you’ll get an outcome that you are happy with.

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